Environmental Acoustics

Environmental Acoustics

Environmental Acoustic Consultants Environmental Acoustic Consultants Environmental Acoustic Consultants Environmental Acoustics Environmental Acoustics
The primary source of most outdoor noise worldwide is industrial and transportation systems. These systems include motor vehicle noise, aircraft noise and rail noise. We provide the following Environmental Acoustics services:

Apart from Environmental Computer Modelling Subsonic Designs provides measurement, assessment and noise control options for the following:

- Industrial Noise
- General Community Noise
- Road Traffic Noise
- Aircraft Noise
- Train Noise

Environmental AccousticsEnvironmental noise measurements demonstrate the noise situation at the time of measurement under specific conditions. Once measurements have been performed, we make subsequent assessments according to either national or international standards.

Our measurement equipment comprise of Type 1 Sound and Vibration Analysers to measure general acoustic and vibration measurements, environmental monitoring, occupational health and safety monitoring.

Our equipment can also perform the following:

1/1 and 1/3 Octave Analysis- Audio Recording (the sources of noise can be played back and identified by listening. Ideal for legal matters) - Data logging and Events Recording- Pure Tone Detection- FFT Real Time Analysis

An incentive for personal comfort, environmental considerations or legal compliance, Noise Control can be an active or passive means of reducing sound emissions. Practical and efficient noise control is wholly reliant on making an accurate diagnosis to determine the source of the noise, but only once the source has been identified. Then, the focus is placed on reducing the noise at source by way of engineering.

Environmental Computer Modelling

Environmental ModellingSubsonic Designs uses Computer Aided Noise Abatement software to calculate, present, assess and predict environmental noise. Thus equipped, Subsonic Designs can study the noise emission of an industrial plant, car park, new road, railway scheme or an entire urban settlement.

Our Noise Calculation Software Enables:

  • Levels to be assessed even when contaminated by high background noise, for instance an industrial plant in the vicinity of a busy road.
  • Prediction of future levels
  • Comparison of alternative noise reduction scenarios
  • Production of noise contour maps

This still can be done when access to the measurement position is limited”

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